Preschool 4 Janesville

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Click for a printable list of 2017-18 Community Sites Hours in English or Spanish

Click for a printable list of 2018-19 Community Sites Hours in English or Spanish

Participating P4J Program Locations

During the 2018 -19 school year, we have a total of 40 P4J classrooms at 19 sites.

1. Cargill Christian Preschool and Daycare (Eastside)

2000 Wesley Avenue, Janesville
Contact Information: Dawn Allen, 608-752-2140

2. Community Kid’s Learning Center (Southside)

2230 Center Avenue, Janesville
Contact Information: Peggy Lincoln, 608-755-2488

3. Faith's Little Friends (Westside)

2116 Mineral Point Avenue, Janesville
Contact Information: Steff Petchak, 608-754-9336

4. Goelzer’s First Step Nursery School (Eastside)

1600 E. Milwaukee Street, Janesville
Contact Information: Cindy Hackett, 608-752-7355

5. Janesville Child and Family Head Start Center (Southside)

1422 Center Avenue, Janesville
Contact Information: Brian Gile, 608-299-1500 or 800-774-7778

6. Janesville Community Day Care Center (Eastside)

3103 Ruger Avenue, Janesville

Contact Information: Theresa Marshall & Julie Hertel, 608-752-8035


7. Janesville Montessori Children’s House (Southside)

1219 S. Oakhill, Janesville
Contact Information: Lea Borskie, 608-754-9196

8. KinderCare Learning Center (Eastside)

3327 East Milwaukee Street, Janesville
Contact Information: Julie Smith, 608-755-9970

9. Child’s First Child Care and Preschool (Eastside)

612 North Randall, Janesville
Contact Information: Mal Bennett,  608-752-0743

10. St. Mary's School (Central)

307 E. Wall Street
Contact Information: Matt Parish,  608-754-5221 ext 23

11. St. Paul's Lutheran Early Childhood Center (Eastside)

210 S. Ringold, Janesville
Contact Information: Julie Wojcik, 608-754-4471

12. YMCA (Central)

221 Dodge Street, Janesville

Contact Information: Kathy Cormella, 608-754-6654 x103

13. YWCA Discovery Center (Southside)

1735 South Washington Street, Janesville
Contact Information: Lisa Peternel or Jessica Meglic, 608-752-5445

14. Adams Elementary P4J (Eastside)

1138 E. Memorial Drive
Contact: 608-743-6300

15. Jackson Elementary P4J (Southside)

441 W. Burbank Avenue
Contact: 608-743-6500

16. Jefferson Elementary P4J (Eastside)

1831 Mt. Zion Avenue
Contact: 608-743-6600

17. Madison Elementary P4J (Westside)

331 N. Grant Avenue
Contact: 608-743-6800

18. Washington Elementary P4J (Westside)

811 North Pine Street

Contact: 608-743-7200

19. Wilson Elementary P4J (Central)

465 Rockport Road
Contact: 608-743-7300