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Early Learning Curriculum Guide

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The preschool curriculum guide is developed with the developmental learning of young children, ages 3-5, in mind. Children develop at their own pattern and rate of learning. Not all children will meet the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards and aligned targets or benchmarks before entering kindergarten. This curriculum guide shows the typical development of children as they grow before entrance into public school kindergarten programs.

The following Janesville Early Learning Curriculum Guide was developed by community members and pre-kindergarten, early childhood, and kindergarten educators within the boundaries of the School District of Janesville. This community partnership was initiated through an Early Learning Matters grant, was strengthened and grew throughout the 2006-07 academic school year. The Janesville community agencies and educators are to be thanked for their participation in developing this preschool project.

Janesville community daycare providers and preschool educators recognize, also, the significance of our partners’ responsibilities in providing a rich and nurturing environment with numerous learning experiences and opportunities. Parents are their children’s first educators, and we share this Early Learning Curriculum Guide with parents and the greater Janesville Community. It is our intent for these preschool performance standards, benchmarks, skills and strategies to provide consistent and enriched opportunities for Janesville’s earliest learners.

Websites and Online Resources for 4-year-olds

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Instructional Technology staff at the School District of Janesville reviewed a great number of websites and online resources and created a list of potential sites offering quality developmentally appropriate resources that parents and teachers could use with their 4-year-old children.