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Things to Know About Preschool 4 Janesville



Our Mission is to partner with families and the community ensuring quality learning and social foundations for all four-year old children

The School District of Janesville is excited to offer a 4-year-old kindergarten program for all children who are 4 years old on or before September 1 of that enrollment year. This 4-year-old kindergarten program is called Preschool 4 Janesville (P4J).

  • The School District of Janesville partners with 15 different community early learning and care locations within Janesville. Preschool 4 Janesville is funded through the Department of Public Instruction and the School District of Janesville.
  • Participating families do not pay tuition to participate in the P4J program. Community collaboration has been an integral component of this exciting early learning initiative.
  • Preschool 4 Janesville classrooms will offer a developmentally appropriate preschool experience.
  • Each classroom is taught by a DPI certified teacher.
  • A minimum of 437 hours of preschool instruction will be offered by each partnering community program.
  • The School District of Janesville and the collaborating P4J sites offer a minimum of 87.5 hours of parent outreach programming.

Parents are their child’s first and most important teacher. The opportunity to participate in Preschool 4 Janesville is voluntary for all families. Each program location has unique differences and offers a variety of programming options. Parents that are interested in enrolling their child in a Preschool 4 Janesville program are encouraged to visit the site in which they might be interested to have an opportunity to learn more information about each program location.

For more information on enrollment, please visit our Enrollment page. If you have further questions about Preschool 4 Janesville, please contact Angela Lynch, P4J Coordinator, or Peggy Karleski, P4J Secretary, School District of Janesville, 527 South Franklin Street, Janesville, WI 53548, 608-743-5038.

P4J District Staff

Angela Lynch

Titles: P4J Programs Coordinator
Phone Numbers:
School: 608-743-5129

Allison Degraaf

Titles: Director Of Learning And Innovation
Phone Numbers:
School: 608-743-5044

Margaret Karleski

Titles: Administrative Assistant
Phone Numbers:
School: 608-743-5038

Stacey Jordan

Titles: Preschool 4 Janesville Clerk
Phone Numbers:
School: 608-743-5046

Alexandra Licari

Titles: Social Worker
Phone Numbers:
School: 608-743-5076

Nicole Nichols

Titles: Assistive Technology Specialist
Phone Numbers:
School: 608-743-5147

Mary Richards

Titles: P4J Program Coordinator
Phone Numbers:
School: 608-743-5087