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For an organization to be considered as a P4J Site, the program must:

  • Commit to abide by Janesville Early Learning Opportunities mission, vision and goals/value statements.
  • Be willing to offer parent involvement opportunities and parent outreach.
  • Meet or exceed child care licensing requirements with no serious non-compliances (enforcement action may be a measure of this).
  • Commit to and show progress in continuous quality improvement as determined by the P4J Coordinator and Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment. The Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale (ECERS) will be the framework for the continuous quality improvement process.
  • Be willing to establish an improvement plan. There was consensus that programs may begin the program at differing levels of quality, but all will be enhanced through training opportunities and the continuous improvement process.
  • Be willing to actively contribute to/participate in the governance structure, training opportunities, assessment, technology requirements and other aspects of the collaborative approach
  • Work together on child recruitment and address staff retention.

There are 4 models of P4J program implementation:

  • P4J Option I

District teacher, District Site – DPI Model I: Children attend a 2 ½ hour program four to five days a week in a school district building. The program is taught by a licensed teacher employed by the school district. Some districts offer additional child care, or Head Start services for children at the school site. In other districts, the child goes to a community site for child care or goes home.

  • P4J Option II

    • District Teacher, Community Site – DPI Model II: Children receive education services in the child care center, Head Start facility, or private preschool building. A school district teacher comes to the facility to conduct a two and one half hour program four to five days a week. Families may choose to have the child participate in additional child care at the site. School district funds support the program at its location.
  • P4J Option III

    • Community Teacher, Community Site – DPI Model III: Four year old children attend program in the child care, Head Start or private preschool setting for 2 ½ hours four to five days a week. The program is taught by a licensed four year old Kindergarten teacher employed by the community site. Families may choose to have children remain and attend the program for the rest of the day. The school district contracts with the community site based on enrollment.
  • P4J Option IV

    • Resources for Parents – DPI Model IV: Parents can choose to receive curriculum-related materials at home that support positive child development, instead of sending their child to a school district or community site program. Materials can be provided by the collaborative planning group or by another agency that serves families. Parents may also be invited to community programs sponsored by the collaborative, including family learning nights, parenting workshops, and support groups.