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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Preschool 4 Janesville (P4J) Program?

The Preschool 4 Janesville (P4J) program is voluntary, comprehensive child development program available to four-year-old children and their families with the School District of Janesville. The P4J program is implemented using a community-collaborative model that builds on existing resources within our community.

What does my child learn in P4J?

The preschool curriculum guide is developed with the developmental learning of young children, ages 3-5, in mind. Children develop at their own pattern and rate of learning. Not all children will meet the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards and aligned targets or benchmarks before entering kindergarten.

Our curriculum guide shows the typical development of children as they grow before entrance into public school kindergarten programs. Click the button below to view our Janesville Early Learning Curriculum Guide in PDF format, please call 608-743-5038 to ask for a printed copy.

Janesville Early Learning Curriculum Guide

This curriculum guide was developed by community members and pre-kindergarten, early childhood, and kindergarten educators within the boundaries of the School District of Janesville. This community partnership was initiated through an Early Learning Matters grant, was strengthened and grew throughout the 2006-07 academic school year. The Janesville community agencies and educators are to be thanked for their participation in developing this preschool project.

Janesville community daycare providers and preschool educators recognize, also, the significance of our partners’ responsibilities in providing a rich and nurturing environment with numerous learning experiences and opportunities.

Parents are their children’s first educators, and we share this Early Learning Curriculum Guide with parents and the greater Janesville Community. It is our intent for these preschool performance standards, benchmarks, skills and strategies to provide consistent and enriched opportunities for Janesville’s earliest learners.

Is there a cost to attend P4J?

There is no cost to attend P4J! Programs may charge for before or after care and specialized programming available at some sites for children (ie. religious based education, child care services).

What school supplies do parents need to purchase?

School supplies for P4J will be different for each location and are not mandatory. Each site will have supplies for students and communicate with parents should something be needed additionally.

What age must a child be to participate in P4J?

A child must be 4 on or before September 1st to enroll in the program.

Is early entrance into P4J possible?

No, a child must be four years of age on or before September 1st to participate in the program. Early entrance is not an option because there is not a guarantee that the child will receive early entrance to Kindergarten the following year.

Is the School District going to have 2 and 3 year old kindergarten?

No, strengthening an early learning and care system through four-year-old programming will benefit services to younger children; however, there is no formal state statute that provides for two and three year old preschool programming.

Can centers accept children who live in another school district?

Four-year-olds who reside outside the school district may follow the Open Enrollment process only if their home district offers a 4-year-old Kindergarten program.

Will transportation be provided?

If the district places a child in a site outside of the two mile radius, transportation will be provided. If a parent chooses a site outside of the two mile radius or the parent lives within the attendance area, transportation would not be provided. We do not anticipate bussing many students because many students will be taken to the child care centers by their parents.

When and how does the enrollment process begin?

We offer a P4J Open House at the end of January. Families are encouraged to visit sites they may be interested in having their child attend.

P4J Enrollment begins the first week of February for the upcoming school year and continues throughout the year. To enroll your child, please visit the New Student Enrollment Office, located at the Educational Services Center - 527 S. Franklin St. *Please see the enrollment tab on our website for more information on dates/times

Bring with you:

  • Parent Photo Identification (Drivers License/State I.D.)
  • Birth certificate or similar document that gives evidence of birth date
  • Student Immunization Records
  • Proof of residency (copy of lease/purchase agreement or utility bill)

How are sites selections made?

When you enroll your child, you will be asked to rank your site preference as well as am/pm choices. We try to accommodate these preferences, however placement is on a first come first serve basis.

Must children be toilet trained to participate in P4J?

Children are not required to be toilet trained to participate in the program. If a site is not DHFS licensed to allow for diapering then they need to specify this in their site application and make this information know to specific parents. If a site is licensed for diapering, they are not able to turn away a child on the basis of toilet training. All children in this age group have accidents. Children should not be turned away if they are not toilet trained

What are expectation of centers regarding children with special needs?

If a child enters the program without a diagnosed disability but is exhibiting delays in development, the partner site is expected to document the child’s progress and interventions shall be implemented. Sites complete a Request for Assistance form if additional assistance is needed. Children with Individualized Education Plans (IEP’s) will receive programming and educational supports that are outlined in their IEP.

Can a child be removed from a P4J program because of behavior of special education needs?

No, the goal of the program is to place children in environments that best meet the needs of the child. A Support team or an IEP team, including site staff, School District of Janesville staff, parents and others will meet to “network” or discuss IEP Goals if a child is experiencing difficulties. The “network” or IEP process will help determine how to best support the needs of the child. The team determines the best placement for the child and puts support systems in place to help the child successful.

Does my child need to go to school everyday?

It is important that students build the habit of daily school attendance beginning in P4J. Attending school regularly helps children feel better about school - and themselves. Kids will learn early on that going to school on time, every day is important. Students can begin to fall behind even if they miss just a day or two every few weeks. Good attendance will help children do well in high school, college, at work and in life!

What about a child who has not attended a four-year kindergarten program in the past and is 5 years old on or before September 1st? If the parent elects not to send the child to regular kindergarten, will this child be eligible to be enrolled in P4J?

This is possible but not encouraged. Children who meet the age eligibility for 5yr old kindergarten are encouraged to enroll in that program; however, individual needs of children will be considered and a determination will be made on a case by case basis.

Can a child repeat the P4J program as a 4-year-old and again as a 5-year-old?

This is a decision that would need to be made on an individual, case by case basis. It would need to be done thoughtfully and carefully by a transition team that includes parents, teachers, and other educational professionals.

How flexible with the curriculum be?

The P4J Assessment Committee is designing Janesville’s Early Learning Targets/Benchmarks in alignment with the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards. The Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards are used as a curriculum support tool. There will be strategies, skills, and resources available within the guide as a menu choice.

What benefits do families realize when a child care/ preschool collaborates to implementation P4J?

Benefits include: expanded family involvement & training opportunities, resources for all programs to maintain and build on quality early learning programming, curriculum that addresses the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards for preschool children, fewer transitions for kids, less disparity in readiness skills and the guarantee of a DPI licensed teacher.

Can religious instruction take place?

No, not during the Preschool 4 Janesville program. P4J will comply with state and federal regulations that specify the separation of church and state. If centers elect to offer religious instruction before or after the P4J program, they may do so, but staff and parents must understand that this is not affiliated in any way with the Preschool 4 Janesville program.

Can religious instruction be interspersed throughout the P4J day IF all of the parents participating in a specific center agree?

No, the Preschool 4 Janesville program day must comply with separation of church and state.

Can parents be asked to provide snacks for the P4J classroom?

Yes, parents may be asked to provide a healthy snack. This is currently being done in many classrooms. If parents do provide a snack, they will need to follow prescribed guidelines. Parents of children with food allergies will need to provide individual daily snacks for their child.

Is student progress documented?

Yes, every site is asked to observe children and document student progress on common early learning outcomes. P4J provided assessment document should be used, and may be used in conjunction with documentation kept by the P4J provider. Every P4J student will be screened twice a year using the state mandated PALS screener.

What record keeping is required of partner sites?

Each partner site is responsible for creating and maintaining a student cumulative file that includes student enrollment information (including immunizations and age verification), documentation of parent conferences, an end of the year cumulative report, and documentation of student assessment. Materials and forms for this file are provided by the School District of Janesville. Sites report student attendance to the School District of Janesville on a daily basis in Infinite Campus online.

How is the P4J program funded?

State equalization aid is the primary source of funding. The funding is administered by the School District of Janesville.

Are multi-age classrooms allowed?

Yes, as long as a child outcomes for the P4J program are being addressed. However, Children who are not yet 4 by September 1st are not eligible for reimbursement by the district.