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P4J Locations

You can find the location and contact information for each Preschool 4 Janesville site on the map as well as a corresponding list below (numbers are correlated to help identify the sites more easily).  For additional information about an individual site, please contact the person listed at the individual locations. The P4J Community-wide Coordinator is Angela Lynch and she can be reached at (608) 743-5038.

1. Cargill Christian Preschool and Daycare (Eastside)

2000 Wesley Avenue, Janesville
Contact: Dawn Allen, 608-752-2140

2. Community Kid’s Learning Center (Southside)

2230 Center Avenue, Janesville 
Contact: Peggy Lincoln, 608-755-2488

3. Faith's Little Friends (Westside)

2116 Mineral Point Avenue, Janesville 
Contact: Steff Petchak, 608-754-9336

4. Goelzer’s First Step Nursery School (Eastside)

1600 E. Milwaukee Street, Janesville 
Contact: Cindy Hackett, 608-752-7355

5. Janesville Child and Family Head Start Center (Southside)

1422 Center Avenue, Janesville 
Contact: Brian Gile, 608-299-1500 or 800-774-7778


6. Janesville Community Day Care Center (Eastside)

3103 Ruger Avenue, Janesville
Contact: Theresa Marshall & Julie Hertel, 608-752-8035

7. Janesville Montessori Children’s House (Southside)

1219 S. Oakhill, Janesville 
Contact: Lea Borskie, 608-754-9196

8. KinderCare Learning Center (Eastside)

3327 East Milwaukee Street, Janesville 
Contact: Julie Smith, 608-755-9970

9. Child’s First Child Care and Preschool (Eastside)

612 North Randall, Janesville 
Contact: Mal Bennett,  608-752-0743

10. St. Mary's School (Central)

307 E. Wall Street 
Contact: Matt Parish,  608-754-5221 ext 23


11. St. Paul's Lutheran Early Childhood Center (Eastside)

210 S. Ringold, Janesville 
Contact: Julie Wojcik, 608-754-4471


12. YMCA (Central)

221 Dodge Street, Janesville
Contact: Kathy Cormella, 608-754-6654 x103

13. YWCA Discovery Center (Southside)

1735 South Washington Street, Janesville 
Contact: Lisa Peternel or Jessica Meglic, 608-752-5445

14. Adams Elementary P4J (Eastside)

1138 E. Memorial Drive 
Contact: 608-743-6300

15. Jackson Elementary P4J (Southside)

441 W. Burbank Avenue 
Contact: 608-743-6500


16. Jefferson Elementary P4J (Eastside)

1831 Mt. Zion Avenue 
Contact: 608-743-6600

17. Madison Elementary P4J (Westside)

331 N. Grant Avenue 
Contact: 608-743-6800

18. Washington Elementary P4J (Westside)

811 North Pine Street
Contact: 608-743-7200

19. Wilson Elementary P4J (Central)

465 Rockport Road 
Contact: 608-743-7300